The Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally Arrives To Mersin (Again)

Tonight the presence of dozens of internationally-flagged single and dual-hulled yachts transformed the yacht harbour near home. The catamarans were particularly impressive. The boats are here for the 2007 Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally (EMYR). It seems like only yesterday that the 2006 EMYR yachts were in Mersin. Tomorrow morning I hope to get up early with my camera, go out and snap a few photos.

EDIT: here are photos from this morning (2007-05-23):

The mayor’s welcoming sign

One of the ultramodern catamarans

Boats of many countries, including an Australian on the right (with the solar panels)

Yachts and their reflections


3 thoughts on “The Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally Arrives To Mersin (Again)

  1. hi Joe how’s it goin’ mate ?? !! 😀 hehehe.. i’m a 20 y.o aussieturk chick.. well i just moved up to Adana recently (5 months ago) born n raised in Melb. but my parents are Turk. I just thought i’d do some research on Mersin since it’s one of the few places i’ve been considering for the summer holidays, and to my surprise i find a couple of your sites. 🙂 it’s good to meet come across someone who’s also from down under kangaroo land..dont know about you but it makes me feel closer to home =)=) anyway Joe i’ll leave you to it. hoscakal ve iyi gunler byes 😀 xox

  2. Selam Sem!
    Thanks for popping around. It’s good to hear of another Aussie in this area. How long will you be in Adana for and how are you coping with the heat and humidity? Coming from Melbourne it must be a killer.

    Let me know when you come to Mersin. I can show you around ‘my’ town.

  3. Hey Joe! Selam! Nasilsin? Oh, the heat is already unbearable even though ‘this is only the beginning’ as they say, so I can’t help but wonder how I’ll cope with it when that ‘total’ summer heat finally kicks in. That’s sort of why I’m in such a hurry to find a cooler place to spend the summer at. But I’ve experienced some heat similar to this down in Griffith, NSW late last year when I ended up visiting a friend who’s a vineyard owner there (now that was HOT :s). So thankfully i’ve been over ‘that OH MY GOD, HEAT!!!’ stage a while ago.. Hmm.. It looks lıke i’ll be here in Turkland for a while, It’s better than I thought + I enjoy the attention heaps 🙂 Sure that would be awesome. I’ll pop by every now and then to inform you on what’s going on. Take care xox

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