The Interoceanic Highway Trip

Llama with a view near Tantamaco, Macusani, Carabaya, Peru

A llama with a view near Tantamaco in Macusani District

Rocío and my month-long trip along and around the Interoceanic Highway in southern Peru and eastern Brazil was one of my greatest travel experiences.

Screenshot of places visited on trip

The red pins show places visited during this trip

From seized mummies to mummies in situ, circular sun halos (rainbows), a condor hunting and dive-bombing, Inca and pre-Inca ruins, a llama shaped island, ancient cave etchings and art, tropical food and coffee festivals, Andean glaciers and Amazon jungle, this trip had almost everything.

Tropical fruit stall, San Gaban, Carabaya, Peru

A stand at the San Gaban Tropical Food Fair

The trip also had personal significance for Rocío as we visited her maternal family’s hometown and returned to the place of her favourite childhood memories for the first time in 30 years.

Above Pukara, Puno, Peru

With Rocío above Pukara

The core of the trip was in the Puno Region, in Ayaviri, Macusani, Ayapata, San Gaban and Ollachea. These largely Quechua villages ranged from high up in the Andes Mountains to low level tropical but each had their own character and friendly people. They also didn’t have any foreign tourists. In fact, I only saw other foreign tourists in Puerto Maldonado.

Glaciers and lake between Ayapata and Macusani, Carabaya, Puno, Peru

Glaciers and lake between Ayapata and Macusani

Following are the trip’s individual blog posts:

Two one day tours from Macusani were worthy enough for multiple posts:

Chulpa outside Ollachea, Carabaya, PeruA pre-Columbian chulpa (tomb) outside Ollache

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