The Joy of finding Nar Eksisi (Pomegranate Molasses) in Perth

Nar Eksisi - Pomegranate MolassesYesterday I made my periodic visit to Dunya Market, the Turkish supermarket in Bentley. To my delight, for the first time in Perth I found pure pomegranate molasses (nar eksisi), a stunning and beautiful ingredient for salads, marinades and the like. How good is nar eksisi? Well, if a religionist used nar eksisi as a basis for their belief I would be tempted to convert.

Now, I’m not referring to that more widely available poor cousin called nar eksili sosu (pomegranate flavoured sauce). Anybody who thinks nar eksili sosu is a substitute for nar eksisi should wash their mouth out with soap. They probably also think Creed is a substitute for Pearl Jam.

rocket salad and scotch fillet steakMy favourite use for pomegranate molasses is with rocket salad. Today I made rocket salad to accompany a scotch fillet steak:
– rocket
– roasted capsicum
– garlic bruised and cut finely
– sumac (another super ingredient)
– olive oil
– pomegranate molasses
– chilli flakes
– salt and pepper

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