The Mersin Ramazan Drummers May Be Banned! :-)

From Al Jazeera:

The administration of a Turkish province has declared that a centuries-old tradition of pre-dawn drum-beating to wake Muslims up during the holy month of Ramadan is a breach of human rights and should be abandoned…

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I would be delighted if the drumming was banned. If a ban occurs, it is likely to be implemented next year as there is only one week left of Ramazan this year. A ban for next year is still better than no ban.

This morning I wasn’t woken up by the drummers – I went to bed after the drummers had finished. Last night, Necat (Ahmet’s friend) and I went to my boss, Ahmet’s place, for ‘Chinese’ noodles. Afterwards we had a great discussion until almost 3 am about Turkey, official languages, deepness of relationships, running a cafe/restaurant in Mersin, the PKK, economy and employment trends, religion, Hawaii (where Necat studied), the US, finding a job in Fort Worth (where Necat will move to) life, the universe and everything.

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