The News is Electric!

In a few days I may be moving house – I found out about this today. The explanation follows.

Last night, after dinner (a wonderful chicken salad at Mavi Sanat) and billiards with Kerem I came home to an electric-free house. Nothing unusual about power failures in Turkey, except this time, the stairway lights worked!

This morning my apartment still did not have power. When I went home for lunch, the freezer was almost defrosted (bonus!).

To shortern the story, TEDAŞ, the Turkish Government electricity provider had cut my flat’s electricity because a debt of 372,750,000 TL was owed. This was the first time I had heard of this debt. I had no warning.

From my understanding, there are two possible explanations for this debt:

a) The debt was incurred during a previous renter’s time and TEDAŞ is only chasing it now; or

b) Other people have siphoned electricity from my line before it reached my meter

Either way, it should be TEDAŞ’s responsibility and not mine or the owner’s. I am not paying for the debt and my boss is not paying for it. My boss has contacted the apartment owner. If he does not pay for it I will move out. Kerem is kind enough to let me stay at his place for the short term should the owner not pay the amount owed.

Electric siphoning or meter-rigging is common in Turkey and I’m sure this is a major reason why electricity is so expensive. As TEDAŞ is a monopoly there is fat chance they will get their act together and regulate electricity properly.

The electricity will be reconnected once the 372,750,000 TL is paid.

In the meantime, I will enjoy some romantic candle-lit nights…

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