The Riverside Path In Front Of Work Is Almost Finished

Today, across the road from work, the council workers were planting palms on the side of the pedestrian path as the first blog photo from my camera shows.

Mersin’s main soccer stadium is across the river to the left of the Australian gum (a type of eucalyptus) tree.

A few interesting aspects of the path development:

* This side (the east) of the river is part of the “Akdeniz” (Mediterranean) Council. The other side is the “Yenisehir” (New City) Council. I don’t know if the other side will be developed.

* a) The new path extends from the vehicle bridge near the sea outlet, past another road to the next vehicle bridge inland.

b) There is a military base on prime land next to the river outlet.

c) The path is 3 or 4 metres wide and it is clear except for a few gum trees near the inland bridge.

Conclusion: The pedestrian path will be used as a short cut, particularly by police and council vehicles and possibly the odd private and military vehicle as well.

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