The Road From Antalya To Mersin

Going to Antalya I took a HAS night bus (27 YTL) and on return I was in a Guney Akdeniz day bus (25 YTL).

The day ride for the 500 km between Antalya and Mersin is much preferable to the night trip. Not only is the coastal scenery beautiful, but the windy, up and down highway makes an uncomfortable sleep almost impossible, let alone a comfortable sleep!

Sunset east of Anamur

The 300 km section between Alanya and Silifke is almost constantly hilly. The hills are covered with pine forests and the hillside properties have almond and carob trees amongst other crops. The carob is used to make ‘pekmez’, a kind of molasses.

Bananaman at the bus stop, Gazipasa (between Alanya and Anamur)

This region is the only part of Turkey mild enough to grow bananas on a large scale. Anamur in particular is famous for bananas. The bananas grow very close to the coast in either hothouses or out in the open.

Strawberry hothouse in foreground, mountains in background

Besides bananas, the hectares of hothouses also produce strawberries, tomatoes and other traditional summer crops during the winter off-season.

One week almost to the hour after leaving I was back in Mersin. I loved this trip and look forward to visiting Antalya again.

5 thoughts on “The Road From Antalya To Mersin

  1. The road is wonderful with scenery of sea and mountains.But it takes 8 hours from Antalya to Mersin..
    If you would like to give a stop , I guess you should

    We have a small motel with restaurant on the beach on the road between Mersin and Antalya in Buyukeceli where you can stay a night or more if you like on your way

    40 kms east of Silifke

    Hayat Motel

  2. Does the bus leave early from Antalya. I need to catch a 23:00 train from Mersin to Syria and Im not sure if I should take the night bus to Mersin the day before and get a day room in Mersin or if I should take the day bus the day of the train.

  3. Anonymous,

    From my experience, the day bus from Antalya to Mersin departs in the morning and arrives around 7 or 8 pm so you would have time to catch your train. However, journey duration and times may have changed so I would check with the bus companies once you are in Antalya.

    I wish the Mersin-Aleppo train ran when I was living in Mersin. I would love to hear about your journey.

  4. Hello, Can somebody tell me, where can I find in Antalyia bus to Mersin? I arrive to Antalyia airport at 9.30 a.m… Where can I find in internet timetable this buses? Thans a lot!

  5. Anonymous,

    I very much doubt there is an accurate bus timetable on the internet.

    Because you arrive to the airport at 9:30 am the next available bus to Mersin will probably leave Antalya in the evening. I suggest you catch Havas bus from the airport into the city centre and ask at the bus company offices (HAS, Koksallar, Ulusoy, Varan or any “Mersin” company) about buses to Mersin.

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