The top 9 signs it is Spring in Mersin

I will wrap up the election tomorrow. In the meantime Joe ‘Letterman‘ Taheny will detail the top 9 signs spring has started in the Mersin region:

9) Sunday’s maximum temperature was in the high 20’s.

8) The wattle (an Australian tree) is beginning to bloom.

7) The Kurds celebrated ‘Newroz’ (their new year) on 21 March.

6) For the past week the sparrows opposite my apartment have chirped loudly.

5) At 2 am Sunday morning clocks in Turkey were wound forward 1 hour for daylight saving.

4) Unripe (green) almonds, strawberries and semiz otu (a green salad vegetable) are appearing in the weekly fruit and vegetable bazaars.

3) I have stopped wearing my winter pyjamas.

2) ‘Hello Spring’ is written in English on the window of the Collezione fashion store.

Cue: Drum-roll

And the number 1 reason spring has started:

1) On Sunday in Adana I saw a Turkish man wearing shorts!

Cue: canned applause

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