Turkey -> EU or not?

Tomorrow, 17 December 2005, is the ‘D-Day’ for Turkey’s 40 year journey towards formally joining Europe. Will Turkey receive the go ahead to begin accession talks or not?

There is no shortage of places to get up to date won this issue.

Personally, I hope Turkey is given the go ahead as I think accession will benefit both sides:

a) Turkey: Accession will continue the positive political and economic progress that has occurred over the past few years.

b) EU: Turkey’s accession, as Muslim country, should help open minds in the EU.

What will actually happen? Who knows?

Even if accession talks do start and Turkey satisfies every condition of entry, they are not likely to join the EU until at least 2015. For the average Mehmet and Elif on the Mersin street, the decision tomorrow will probably not change their lives in a material way for a long time.

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