Turkish city of the future: Mersin

In August, Foreign Direct Investment Magazine, part of the Financial Times Business stable, believed Mersin was the Turkish city of the future:

The most popular housing regions for foreign executives are on the Mediterranean coast and villas in the nearby Toros mountains. The Tarsus American High School founded in 1888 prepares bilingual students for universities in Turkey and overseas. Manual workers are paid an average of €4.36 per hour, while secretaries and middle managers make just €4740 and €7272 per year respectively. The city’s administrators have an international outlook and are actively seeking foreign investors.

On a point of difference, I have extreme doubts about manual workers being paid an average of €4.36 per hour here. Maybe €1.36 per hour!

Hopefully, the article has foreign investment executives looking at Mersin as a place to invest.

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