Turkish Wedding Season

Turkish wedding music is again blaring in the street near home. This is the third evening of the past four or five I have had to put up with it. If tonight’s wedding follows the previous wedding times, the music won’t finish until after 11 PM.

The music for Turkish street weddings is almost always similar in style, with two main variations:
a) a ‘davul‘ (drum) and ‘zurna‘ (clarinet) for poorer weddings and
b) a band, including vocals and keyboard at more expensive weddings.

Turkish weddings are generally exciting for newcomers to Turkey. However, living here for close to five years, they are now ‘a dime a dozen’. I could close the windows but then I would suffocate from the heat. At least the weddings are better than the Ramazan drummers… On that note: Ramazan begins in less than a month.

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