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No, I am not writing an album review about the Aussie band with the same name as this post’s title.

Last weekend I ventured to Adana for 2 parties and a wedding.

Thursday night was Maria’s Portuguese country presentation. The Seyhan Hotel employed her, so there were no problems finding a presentation venue. Included in the night were two powerpoint presentations and some lovely food. The second powerpoint presentation surprised Maria with various photos and expressions from her time in Turkey. Friday morning I scurried back to Mersin for work.

After work Friday I hurried home and readied myself for the weekend. I packed my large suitcase as I required my suit for the wedding and the suitcase was the only bag that would protect it. The case containing suit=suitcase 🙂 I wonder where the name came from?

As I walked to the bus stop I heard a man say ‘yabanci’ (foreigner) to another of his group. There aren’t many suitcases like mine dragged around the streets of Mersin!

I arrived in Adana around 10 pm and walked from the train station to ‘Kebapci Ramazanin Yeri’ (Ramazan’s Kebab Place) for an Adana kebab (doh!). The case and myself headed over to ‘Cazara’ nightclub, the same venue as New Years Eve. There, the trainees and some associates were celebrating Maria’s last night in Adana. The suitcase did not enter as the bouncers would not allow me to proceed with it. First they told me to open it for inspection and then for me to leave the suitcase outside. I guess they thought the case could contain explosives!

The undoubted highlight of this night at Cazara was Maria singing Nickelback’s ‘How You Remind Me’ backed by the house band ‘Dayi’. The passion she showed singing was super. Her support group in the crowd were very passionate, too!

At about 3 am, after the band finished, I rescued my suitcase and about 10 of us piled into 2 cars back to Ali’s place. Zeynep, Maria’s workmate was due to work at 8 or 9 that morning. We watched ‘The ChubbChubbs’ short animated film and a few songs were sung and played with Ali’s guitar. At about 5 pm it was time for bed – 5 of us squashed in the same two fold down couch beds.

I will write about Saturday (including the wedding) tomorrow.

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