Yes, Winter Has Arrived To Mersin!

The answer to my previous post title question is: yes, emphatically!

Today the rain came. And hard. Very hard.

In the space of a short time, the river opposite work rose to dangerous levels

A section of the river bank eroded enough to knock over trees and the edge of the paving.

Looking downstream

Looking upstream

For a few minutes the female toilet and hand basin at work spat out water. Ahmet surmised that the sewers let out into the river and the force of the river pushed water back up the pipes.

The rain and swollen river transported a few creatures to areas they wouldn’t normally be.

I picked this tortoise off the road and place it on the saturated riverbank grass

This frog is between work’s front glass and security grill

The erosion today was not as bad as that of December 2001:

On the way home this evening I passed a few shops that received minor flooding.

Unfortunately, Mersin is not the only part of Turkey experiencing heavy rain and flash-flooding. At least 21 people have died, mainly in the southeast of the country. Eastern Istanbul and the Antalya province have also faced floods. According to NTVMSNBC:

[I]n the Kizkale district of Mersin in the south of the country dozens of parked vehicles washed into the sea.

I think the article must mean Kizkalesi.

UPDATE: The following day the river level was substantially lower. See my next post for updated photos.

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