Yesterday I went to lunch with Hakan and Mutlu, two friends I had not seen for a long time. We went to Goksel(?) tantuni restaurant, northwest of the landmark Taksim International Hotel. It was my first visit to this restaurant and the tantuni was great! As Hakan’s family business supplies flour to this place, the meal was free.


In the city there were honking vehicles, banner advertisements, buses with loudspeakers, the works – all part of a local government election not even happening until March!

Liberation Day

On the way back to work Republic Square contained many company, political party and community group signs standing in the rain. When I asked Hakan what they were for, he said the display was commemorating “Mersin’s Independence” (actually, Mersin’s Liberation). The French and British armies, who had invaded in 1918, left Mersin on 3 January, 1922.

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