Yoruk Nomads

I didn’t know this but there are nomads just west of Mersin. The Yoruks go to the Mediteranean districts of Silifke, Gulnar and Aydincik in autumn and back to the plateaus of Karaman and Konya in spring. The numbers of nomads are dwindling as more succumb to the pressures of modern life and settle.

See article.

Investigating further, the range of the Yoruk people extends all the to Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece in the the Balkans.

Trivia: Yoruk is a brand of yoghurt here.


4 thoughts on “Yoruk Nomads

  1. I just had an interesting conversation this morning with the 12 year old boy who works in the bakal (corner store) by our house. Up til now he and his older brother had been the boys who bring the deliveries to our house, but I notied his older brother (13 years old) wasn’t working. When I enquired, the younger said his brother was living in a tent. (cadirlarda). I was like “what?” he said it again, and then it clicked, he was out doing the seasonal migrant worker thing. I’ve seen villages of tents out in the country side and assumed it was some kind of nomadic situation. I just never knew someone who has done it. I’d be curious to learn about this lifestyle

  2. The article writes that there are only 200 of that particular Yoruk tribe doing the nomad thing.

    The people in the tents we see are most likely the more numerous seasonal workers – either itinerant workers or people who have a permanent base but work on the farms seasonally.

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