Broome Beach Sand Patterns

At low tide on both Gantheaume Point and Cable Beach there are millions of tiny sand balls arranged in different patterns, often in groups surrounding individual holes.






Two hole-centric sand designs up close 




Multiple patterns from a more distant aspect




The sand artist: tiny, camouflaged crabs. Normally the crabs hid in their holes as I approached to take their photos but I managed to catch the specimen in the picture above.

Cable Beach Camel Photos, Broome

One of the highlights of a trip to Broome is watching the camel train take tourists along Cable Beach at sunset. I watched this spectacle both evenings with second day proving more scenic:




Camel tracks


 IMG_5993 (Large)


Ships of the desert beach. On a clearer day the scene would be even more beautiful.




A closer shot of the guide leading the tourist-laden camels




Sunset coincided with low tide