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In the last week I have received 2 highly intellectual, diplomatic and witty responses to my blog posts. The first, from an email address aptly beginning with the moniker “spastic” was in reply to my Burning Turkish Flag post:


What is that article all about? You don’t know a damn thing about Turkey. How dare you say Turkey is immature because burning the flag is a criminal offence in the eyes of the government. Sure, run your god damn mouth just because you have been to Turkey a few times but unless you were born there and know the country inside and out with the issues it’s facing everyday, especially issues that might cause the country to be divided in two, don’t fucking run your mouth!


First, read up on the whole Kurd issue! Read up on PKK, a Kurdish terrorist organization that Turkey has been dealing with for the past 30 years…everyday. Then, you will understand what is what! Turkey is not like the US, and don’t sit in your chair, telling us how we should make our own laws!


Turkey’s state religion is Islam, meaning it is very prone to being a country such as Iran where there is no democracy, where the country is being ruled on based on religious rules (it’s nonsense to call them rules as those people come up with those “rules” by interpreting the book the wrong way and taking it word by word).  That flag is merely a piece of cloth; it is a symbol of the democracy that we struggled so hard to gain!


The party that is in power is one that does not believe in secular Turkey and wishes to convert Turkey into a country like Iran, like Saudi Arabia so whenever we see an act that tries to divide the country, the whole nation rises. Again, unless you were born there or studied the background of Turkey thorougly, you don’t know shit so don’t fucking insult my country or my people by using words like “immature!”


The second is a comment on my Lahore, Pakistan post. I’m not sure what spurred this person to write as the article is not  at all political:


Open your mind understand how people are different and cultures are different.
as for as you all healther freak in west, i live in west and i wash 10 time and use sanitizer on enything and every thing i use in public here, because you guys are filthy when were the last time to piss and wash your hand, ya that what i mean
Back how most of the prople pray at leat 2 a day, that is the best way to keep health, plus all the filth desis are cration of western socity


Remarks like these make me feel good about blogging, almost as positive as receiving compliments. Annoying nationalists should be an organised sport.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blog Post Responses

  1. Hey there you really know how to push the button of nationalists :))
    Well What Can I say what he commented on burning flags, have to agree; not the way he swears or get upsets though, but while Turkey is surrounded by Iran, Syria and Iraq not the greatest countries after all:)) to be neighbor with, you have to teach your nation to be nationalist. Respecting whoever flags being thought in the schools, because it’s symbol of that nation, if you burn it they will take it offensive like swearing.
    Give you a small story; When Greeks left Izmir after 1919 burning whole city behind (because they were upset) when Ataturk was entering Governor’s building they put Greek flag at the door way so Ataturk can walk over it to celebrate the victory, like Greeks did when first time they enter Izmir, walking over Turkish flag. But Ataturk asked them remove it and said; whoever your enemy is or soever but respect the nations flag.
    Human rights and giving opinion shouldn’t be with burning flag of the nation. Burning flag is immature, or using young kids to protest is immature as they can not be arrested:)


  2. Derya,
    Thank you for your detailed and polite comment.

    I agree that burning a country’s flag is immature. However, I believe that criminalising the burning (or other defacing) of a country’s flag is also immature.

    The soldiers who fought for Australia against the invading Japanese and other enemies of wars past enabled Australians to enjoy the freedoms we currently enjoy. One of these is the freedom of expression. Burning one’s country’s flag in protest is, in my eyes, a legitimate form of this freedom.

    Yes, Turkey’s geopolitics are very different to Australia’s. Despite this, the Turkish people should not be so willing to give up their freedoms in the name of nationalism.

    Too many crimes in Turkey are committed in the name of nationalism or inspired by the nationalism whipped up by politicians and other public figures.

    It is very easy to get people into line with nationalist slogans and implied threats. It is more difficult and not as media friendly to develop long term plans that address the real issues.

    Turkey is not alone in this regard. Many nationalists in the West used to use communism as the bogeyman. Now the most common dog whistle is the threat of Islamic terrorism.

    The level of nationalism in Turkey is extreme. All people in Turkey, not only the minorities, suffer from the loss of rights this nationalism brings.

    I doubt this nationalism will change until Turkey experiences long term economic stability, leading to her economic relationships with neighbouring countries becoming too important to sacrifice in the name of nationalism.

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