Yesterday, after work, I walked into the city centre. There were lots of people around and all the shops were open even though it was supposed to be a holiday. On the way back from the city centre I went into the local bookshop/newsagent, Kitapsan. The only Turkish Daily News newspaper in stock was Sunday’s. I decided to pass on it. I then walked around to the music section of the shop. There, in the discount bin, was Bridge School Concert cassette for 4.5 million. My music collection just became larger.

On the way back home, I stopped at the local, weekly bazaar, a couple of streets east of my flat to buy some fruit and vegetables. I stocked up on cauliflower, 700,000 TL/kg, pomegranites, 500,000 TL/kg, carrots, 200,000/TL kg and possibly the odd other thing.

The evening

At 6:30pm I arrived at the port to meet 2 Aussies, Kylie and Bronwyn from the ship ‘Poulos’. Orhan, my Turkish friend, also came. Whilst waiting for the girls I chatted to a German, Lizzie. She was was from Chemnitz, Germany, and was shocked when she heard that I had visited the ‘ZV Bunker’ nightclub there! I was there in 1999 as the roadie for Ronnie.

Kylie, Bronwyn, Orhan and I then walked along the coast until Pozcu, talking about Turkey and everything else. I guess I was doing the most talking!

On the way, at the river outlet near the military base, there was a parade of military sailors with a military band. They were followed by young people in uniform, probably scouts. This parade was another event commemorating the Republic’s 80th birthday.

In Pozcu we stopped for a hot drink at the ‘Shangri La’ cafe. My hot chocolate-coffee drink was very tasty. After the cafe, I visited Mado to buy a piece of their awesome raspberry cake, 1,750,000 TL. Mado is famous for its icecream, which originates in Maras. We then walked all the way back to the port where Kylie and Bronwyn made it back on the ship before the 11 pm curfew.

It’s winter time

Yesterday was the start of the blanket using, winter pyjamas and jumper-wearing, blind-lowering, window and door-shutting period. Yes, I believe winter has arrived. I guess the temperature ranges from 12-22 degrees C. I don’t keep my eye on any weather forecast, so I don’t know the temperature exactly.

The weather in Mersin changes so fast, but, really only changes 3 or 4 times a year, when the season changes!

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