1925 – 2012


Poppop lived an amazing life.

I can hardly imagine:
– growing up between the wars in the UK
– living through world war II
– serving with the British Army in India
– giving up family to move to a frontier town on the other side of the planet
– rewriting the definition of hard work
– bringing up a family without modern conveniences

When I think of Poppop, I think of: courage, determination, ingenuity, integrity, modesty and principals.

When I think of Poppop, I also think of:
– him plucking my ribs like a human guitar (plinky, plinky, plink)
– riding on his leg like it was a rocking horse
– him giving me a bow and arrows that he hand made
– his wonderful story telling; and
– risqué jokes after drinking a few sherbets

Most importantly, when I think of Poppop I think of that inseparable bond he shared with his life partner Marga. Although it was a sad and solemn occasion, it gave me great pride to fulfil Marga and Poppop’s wish to be reunited in a place close to their hearts.

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