Hardys Chardonnay, Foster’s Lager and Ladyboys

The title sounds like the description of a downmarket evening in Sydney, doesn’t it?

Monday night Orhan, Dragos and I caught the dolmus (minibus) to the Carrefour hypermarket. Carrefour had some ridiculous digital camera prices (50 lira for 3.3 mega pixel, 60 lira for 6 mega pixel) and both Orhan and Dragos were after a digital camera.

As suspected, the cameras were sold out. However, all was not lost.

In the liquor section I saw Australian wines sold in Mersin for the first time ever. They were two white wines for sale, Hardys Stamp of Australia for 30 lira and 1999 Hardys Nottage Hill Chardonnay for 20 lira. Both wines are horrendously expensive, but the occasion got the better of me and I grabbed a bottle of chardonnay.

On a special display on one aisle were bottles of Foster’s Lager “Australia’s Famous Beer” (but not Australia’s favourite or best beer).

Although the announcement was made several months ago there were the first Turkish Foster’s beers I had seen. At 2 lira for a 33 cl bottle the brand is ‘premium’ priced. I’d be surprised if it had a premium taste.

It was after 10 PM when we left the shopping centre. After getting off the dolmus at the bridge, Dragos and I walked passed two lady boys soliciting on the side of the road. Although I’ve seen them in Istanbul, these were the first transsexuals/transvestites I’d witnessed in Mersin.

Perhaps Mersin is slowly becoming a more interesting place!

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Murdoch Enters The Turkish Market

Tom would love this. The American (former Australian) Rupert Murdoch, through his former Adelaide-based company, News Corporation, has entered the Turkish advertising market.

Murdoch Enters Turkish Media

The News Outdoor, a company owned by one of the world’s media giants, Australian Rupert Murdoch, has bought 60 percent of shares in Kamera Reklam’s (Camera Advertisement), a company synonymous with stadium advertising in Turkey.

Friday Night In Adana

Friday night, after muscle-wrenching work picking up furniture from Devrim and Efkan, Dragos and I went to Adana. At the trainee house were several new trainees from around the world, including, Grace (USA), Adriano (Italy) and Surya (USA).

That evening was an AIESEC dinner at Kazancilar Restaurant in Adana’s old centre. Several alumni attended, including, Arda, Duygu and Bugra, all of whom I have not seen for a long time. Arda, in fact, matched me to my original traineeship back in 2001. Suvi (Finland) and Sam (Hong Kong) were among more new trainees.

After dinner many of us headed to Cazara, the place I saw in New Years Eve 2004. At Cazara were two more old AIESEC friends, Anil (Arda’s brother) and Huseyin.

I really enjoyed meeting the new trainees and seeing old faces.

Onur And The Lads

The Friday before last, I finally met Onur from Germany. Onur was visiting Mersin with his German wife for a few days. He is originally from Mersin and first contacted me in November 2003 after finding my blog via a web search.

Onur, Seral, Onur (2nd), Mehser and one or two other friends had a few beers and played pool at Pasha. It was a fun evening. Here is a photo of us lads (thank you Seral):