Ronnie Taheny And The Outhouse Orchestra

Amanda Goodfellow, Ronnie Taheny and Marie de Lint of The Outhouse Orchestra performing in Edithburgh

The last time I had seen Ronnie Taheny in a formal concert setting was 2001. Now I’ve been lucky enough to witness her perform 3 times in 2008:

1) Ronnie’s traditional hometown gig in Edithburgh, Southern Yorke Peninsula 3 weeks ago

2) Her official DVD launch at The Governor Hindmarsh (“The Gov”), Adelaide on 2 February

3) A private concert last night

The Outhouse Orchestra played at all three while At Edithburgh and The Gov Ronnie was joined by Jarrad Payne (of Satan’s Cheerleaders and 1.1 Immermann) on drums and Michael Bahlij on piano.

The Outhouse Orchestra consists of Marie de Lint on flute, Cellist Amanda Goodfellow and Ronnie on keyboard. Together they add an alternative classical feel to many of Ronnie’s tunes. The Outhouse Orchestra is the perfect act to perform at classy weddings, corporate events and other functions.

I loved all 3 evenings for different reasons.

Michael Bahlich (keyboard) and Jarrad Payne (drums) back Ronnie Taheny, Edithburgh Football and Sports Club

The Edithburgh gig held at the Football and Sports Club was billed as “Wallflowers”. I heard many new songs and interpretations of old songs for the first time. Seeing the spontaneous wit and energy of Ronnie again was a pleasure to behold. Toyland, and Would You Know If My Arse were amongst many highlights of Ronnie’s sets. The concert finale included a super Johnny Cash cover by Michael Bahlij. In between sets, Ronnie’s cousin, comedian Fiona O’Loughlin had the audience falling apart with personal stories, almost all of which hit the funny bone very hard.

Ronnie Taheny’s poster at The Gov

In my opinion, The Gov was the best of the 3 gigs with Ronnie really warming up to the full house and giving her absolute most. I was with 5 friends, who also absolutely loved the concert despite not having heard Ronnie’s music before. The new songs premiered in Edithburgh were more refined and Jarrad, Michael, Marie and Amanda added a stellar sound, aided by The Gov’s superior facilities. The biggest crowd reaction was saved until the encore for the spoken word “Darcy“, all about the search for the perfect man and inspired by the character Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Ronnie’s new release “It’s All About Me (Ronnie and Her Bloody DVD” was officially launched this night. The DVD features footage from last year’s The Gov concert and a number of extra features that should not be missed.


Last night original rock group onedogonebone opened the private backyard concert in suburban Adelaide despite creating a heavier sound than The Outhouse Orchestra. Ronnie, Marie and Amanda performed very well in front of a demanding audience of friends and acquaintances. Despite the informal nature of the evening, requests to play Khe Sahn were steadfastly refused.

Very soon Ronnie Taheny will begin her 2008 European tour in Germany. All those in Australia who missed Ronnie perform will now have to either a) fly to Europe to see her there, b) wait until January/February 2009 when she returns to the land down under or c) hire The Outhouse Orchestra.

Personal disclaimer: Ronnie Taheny is my Auntie (our identical surname is not coincidental) and I was her roadie on the 1999 European tour.