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An A-class comedian (she’s my second cousin, so I’m slightly biased), Emily Taheny will feature in the next series of Comedy Inc on Australian television. The Sydney Morning Herald requires registration, so here is the article:

Comedy Inc – The Late Shift, Nine, 9.30pm

This sketch-comedy show returns tonight in its usual format, but with more polish than the previous series. It’s huge inkwell of writers – 17 regulars and 25 contributors -has made some attempt to eliminate the lame fillers that always took the shine of the show’s better gags.

The cast includes Ben Oxenbould, Paul McCarthy, Katrina Retallick, Emily Taheny, Mandy McElhinney, Genevieve Morris, Jim Russell and Gabriel Andrews, and the sketches home in on the usual targets of our popular culture, including the TV shows Sunrise, Dancing with the Stars, Lost and 60 Minutes.

Who are Kane Hodder, Martha Reeves, Alex Michel, Lash Leroux and many others?

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