Ataturk Picture Of The Week: 3

I have been very busy, both work and non-work wise, so I haven’t had time to update the blog. I now just have time to add another image of Ataturk.

The following picture is from an Isbank (“Is Bankasi” in Turkish) bank cheque (or “check” for those who can’t spell properly).

Note that Isbank is a private bank and not government owned. The love of Ataturk in Turkey is not just promoted by the government but from other sectors as well.

3 thoughts on “Ataturk Picture Of The Week: 3

  1. Attaturk was a handsome man – Thanks for the picture update. I still use a namecard holder (souvenir from Anit kabir) with his portrait on it. Someone asked me “Is that a picture of your grandfather?” – I’m Chinese by the way.

  2. Ataturk means my life and is the meaning of the life for all the Turks. In World War 1, Britain moved young people from New Zealand to Canakkale, because “one drop of petrol was more valuable than one drop of blood”. This means, no mercy even for their own people…
    My grandmother’s father was a farmer, and had been fought for 10 years in Canakkale and Yemen (World War 1). In Canakkale he lost his friends from his troop, and was shot in his shoulder. And he returned home when he was 27 years old, bare feet and without any teeth in mouth from Yemen. My grandmother told me his story with teardrops, because each time when her father was telling the story he was crying…And colonists were defeated thanks to him, and all defenders conducted by the respectful general Ataturk and his corps. If necessary, my generation can do everything, even die for honor and freedom again.

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