Dragos Is Coming – Another Shock To The System

If visiting London wasn’t enough, I am in for another jolt when my new flatmate, Dragos, arrives in the next week.

Dragos is a Romanian AIESEC trainee coming to Mersin to work for Intertim, my boss’s business associate’s company.

For most of the past three years I have lived by myself, in my own private castle, doing what I want, whenever I want it. The freedom has been great. When Dragos comes, I will have to share the house, share the fridge, consider him instead of just thinking about myself, introduce him to Mersin and Turkey and make sure he settles in comfortably.

I am really, really looking forward to the challenge, lifestyle modifications involved, learning experience and fun I will have when Dragos comes. I can’t wait!

However, before anything happens I have to rearrange the house…The Final Countdown is on until Dragos arrives (and the song is also currently playing on the computer).

2 thoughts on “Dragos Is Coming – Another Shock To The System

  1. Well, either I get it or he gets it – we’re not sharing!

    It is one of the worst installed air conditioners ever and I hardly use it, even in the heat of summer.

    Chances are we’ll move into a larger apartment not far into the future so the airconditioner will be a moot point, anyway.

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