Mersin And Turkey Links And News Stories

Below are some stories I had bookmarked earlier but only now got around to posting:

– Turkey’s senior women’s soccer team defeated Northern Ireland in Mersin as part of their EURO 2009 qualifying

– An Ak Party member of the Turkish Parliament from Mersin redefines the definition of political cowboy

– An Islamic version of creationism is being heavily pushed by mysterious forces in Turkey

– 2 women journalists arrested in Mersin were finally released after being held for 9 months

Mersin Sosyete (Mersin Society), a well designed local entertainment portal opened in the summer although I only noticed it recently

– For your viewing pleasure, a video showing some of Mersin Province’s highlights:



2 thoughts on “Mersin And Turkey Links And News Stories

  1. Video is great but I wish the guy behind who shouldn’t of even speak:))) or what to do with the SUN anyway?:)) at least they are try to do something, we are getting there!


  2. Ha, ha, ha!

    The guy could of at least showed some passion in his speech.

    The website has not been operational for a long time so I cannot tell if this video is the final version (I hope not).

    The scenes are great, though.

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