Some Photos From This Morning

I was playing with my camera in the office when I heard the “simitci” (bread ring seller) come. I decided to start the timer, place the camera on the top of my desk and have a potluck photo. Here is the result:

Although most of the photo is out of focus, I love the contrast between Kaya (the worker in the right foreground), the simitci with the bread rings carried on his head, and the statue of liberty sign on the window.

The following photo, also taken with the timer, is of the work lads:

Pick the foreigner!

Kaya (centre) began working for the company a few months ago. Shortly after Kaya’s arrival, Serkan (right) returned from his holidays with a moustache, much to the disgust of his sisters and the work ladies. I think the only woman who likes his moustache is his Mum. There is no chance of me joining the moustache club!

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