The Freedom Of Running

Just over 3 months ago I began running regularly for the first time in my post-Little Athletics life. At first I could hardly run 3 blocks without spluttering to a complete stop. Steadily, I built up my stamina and fitness, increasing the distance travelled each day. Soon I was running to Henley Beach jetty and back.


Last month I participated in my first organised event, the 8km at the 4th Joggers World Fun Run. This Sunday I will run the 12km City-Bay Fun Run. I aim to finish in under 60 minutes although my first goal is to complete the journey.


Besides the obvious fitness and utility benefits, the ability to run gives a feeling of freedom and is also fantastic for goal-setting and achievement. To be able to drop everything and go for a run in the evening sun’s glow along the beach is a pleasure.


My future running goals:

2009: complete a half marathon

2010: finish a full marathon


Two negatives of running are the physical wear and tear it causes to one’s knees and ankles and the greater appetite one gets when training. The appetite is normally not a problem except when exercising stops, leading to a sudden weight gain. Once I have completed my first marathon I plan to discontinue running and take on a joint-friendly pursuit, probably cycling. Until then, happy running!



UPDATE (2008/09/23): I completed the 12km run in 1:01:13, finishing in 3125th place. Quite good for my first attempt.

2 thoughts on “The Freedom Of Running

  1. Gday Joe,

    Great to read you’ve recently taken up running – so have I! Did the 10km Canberra Times Family Fun Run last weekend, very proud of myself 🙂

    Enjoy the City to Bay!

    flic x

  2. Hey Flic,

    That’s brilliant. Congratulations on completing the 10km!

    The City-Bay run today went well although it was like a moving sardine tin – 20,000 runners entered the 12km event!


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