Weddings, Parties, Anything, Part II

For ‘breakfast’ early Saturday afternoon, I walked with Cengiz to his place. Cengiz is an ‘SN’, waiting to go on a traineeship abroad. On the way, I bought some fresh cream and this accompanied the honey and stewed quinces very nicely!

At around 5 pm I walked back down Baraj Yolu to Ali’s place. Ebru and Kubilay’s wedding was due to start at 8 pm so I gave myself plenty of time to relax, iron my shirt, shower (a cold shower is better than no shower!) and look spiffy beforehand. For transportation to the wedding venue (the Inci Otel) I was chauffeured by Adana Buyuksehir Belediyesi Ozel Halk Otobusu or ‘the bus’ for those who don’t understand Turkish 🙂

Ebru is an AIESEC alumni. The first time I communicated with her was via icq in early 2001 when I was matched for the traineeship in Mersin. A few years ago Ebru was part of AIESEC Turkey’s National Committee.

At the wedding I estimate there were 200 people. I was greeted by a person who promptly took me, as a foreigner, to the Incirlik Airbase table. Mustafa rescued me and took me to the AIESEC table where I sat next to Hakan. Hakan was one of the AIESECers who dealt with Sevil and Ahmet to establish the traineeship that I originally came to Turkey for. Mustafa and Duygu (also AIESEC alumni) assisted Ebru and Kubilay both before and during the wedding.

A while after the husband and wife came out they were presented in the centre. Guests came up to congratulate them and present the wife with jewellery and the husband with money. I gave Ebru a set of earrings.

The wedding cake was 7 tiers high! When the cake was brought out to the centre, the stage rose. I’m sure even the shortest person could see the cake from their seat!

As usual, there was plenty of music and dancing. A live band played a mixture of Turkish and Western songs. On various occasions I went out to the front and demonstrated by default how good the average Turkish dancer was. One time a belly dancer came out and shook herself around.

Towards the end of the night things settled down and it was eventually time to leave.

I am very proud of Ebru and Kubilay and wish them all the best for the future.

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