Xmas/End OF Year Letter I Sent To Friends And Family

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope 2008 has been a good year for you.


2008 has been a watershed year for me. In February I began working at my alma mater, UniSA, in a support role for the Division of Business. After the contract ended I spent time contemplating my future. After being based in Turkey for several years, living in Australia took adjusting to and required a realignment of goals.


The upshot is, in October I moved to Perth and began working for consultancy Turner & Townsend (T&T;) in the Energy sector. So far my main work has involved a contract management system evaluation for a multi billion dollar Gas project. I enjoy focusing on big projects and in this job I have incredible learning opportunities in both project management and the energy sector.


Other 2008 occasions (with associated blog links):
– Trips to Melbourne, Sydney and my town of birth, Ceduna
– Dad and his 11 siblings came together for the first time in many years at Dad’s 60th birthday
– Started running and completed the City-Bay 12km event in a time of 1:01:13
– Fell in love with Kings Park, Perth
– Swapped my “Eastern States” drivers license for a WA one
– Mum and Dad came to Perth
– Visited Rottnest Island

Early tomorrow morning I will fly to Adelaide and arrive home in time for Xmas lunch. I’ll be in Adelaide until 2 January so give me a call if you’d like to catch up.

Wishing everybody a joyful and fulfilling 2009!



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