Ankara Trip II (Also known as Iranian Visa II)

Tonight I’m off to Ankara again. Last time it was to apply for my Iranian visa, this time to pick the visa up.

“Mersin VIF”, the bus company I took last time raised their price from 20 to 25 million. The second company I visited also charged 25 million. At “Luks Mersin”, the 3rd company I visited, their tickets to Ankara were only 20 million, the same I paid last time. The bus companies normally raise their prices each summer as there is greater demand, particularly from students and workers on holiday.

This afternoon my neighbour telephoned and asked me to come from work to his place. I believe he was trying to match-make me with a female friend of his. I am already hooked so I will kindly pass this offer up. In Turkey it is common for friends and relatives to introduce men and women to each other.

Last Sunday Orhan and I guided Bakr, the Moroccan trainee, around Silifke and Kizkalesi. In Silifke we could not find a lahmacun restaurant Orhan, Liam (brother) and I ate at last year. We settled instead for kebab.

On the way back I bought scrumptious strawberries from the side of the road. Silifke is known for producing the best strawberries around Mersin.

For your viewing pleasure,following are 3 photos from the weekend (thank you Bakr).

On the way down in the work car.

With the offshore castle in the background, Kizkalesi.

The beach in front of the onshore castle, Korykos. In ancient times there was a causeway connecting Korykos and Kizkalesi.

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