Back In Mersin

I arrived back to Mersin on Tuesday morning. I enjoyed my trip immensely although I have a few minor gripes:

– It rained for most of Pearl Jam’s outdoor Verona concert and the moisture ruined my digital camera.

– The setlists for the Bern, Bologna, Verona and Milan concerts were not very adventurous (in Pearl Jam terms) and not once did they play my favourite song Rearviewmirror. This is in contrast to the last 2 Italian concerts, Torino and Pistoia, which had more interesting setlists, including Rearviewmirror! In the 6 Pearl Jam concerts (the 4 recent ones plus Adelaide 1998 and Adelaide 2003) I have attended the band has never played Rearviewmirror. It’s a conspiracy…

Overall, the concerts and trip in general were both great. I will write more and upload photos soon.

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