Bomb or supposed bomb update

I went home after work on the 29th and I didn’t see anything on television concerning a bomb in Mersin. In fact, the only mentions of the bomb I have heard, seen or read anywhere were those two news articles linked to in the previous post. It is either a conspiracy of silence, the bomb did not actually happen or it was so small that it wasn’t worth reporting. Bomb blasts are generally widely reported even if no damage is done so I doubt it is the last reason.

On TV Thursday night I did see a few other things, though:

* Mersin’s weather forecast for Friday was 42 degrees C. The day felt like 42C, too!

The humidity adds to the fun of Mersin in summer (if you could call continuously sweating fun).

* The big story of Thursday night was Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s visit to Iran and meeting with Mohammad Reza Aref, the Iranian First Vice President. 3 channels, TRT 2, NTV and CNNTurk showed dedicated footage of a joint press conference. An interpreter translated between the questions and comments from Turkish to Farsi and vice versa. At first I was not sure if the meeting was in Iran or Turkey. What tipped me it was Iran were the fact that none of the 30 or so people standing behind the two politicians were women. There were several female journalists but no ‘henchwomen’.

Later, Erdogan met other Iranian political leaders. An interesting take of the meeting with the Iranian President is here. You don’t need to tell me about the bias!

Other topics:

An insight into ‘black marketing’ at the nearby Incirlik airforce base.

Flic in China has a blog! Visit it for the stories of an Australian AIESECer in China. Flic is from Adelaide and came to Turkey in late 2002 for a short traineeship in Eskisehir.

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