Hamam Revisited

After work last night my boss, Mehmet abi and I went to a local hamam (Turkish bath). The wash, sauna, “kesa” (‘sandpaper’ massage), and muscular massage were very cleansing and renewing, although the muscular massage was not as painful as
http://taheny.com/2004/01/hamam-and-pain.htm”>last time

One of my first hamam times was at an ancient 400 or 500 year old hamam in Bursa for the 2001 AIESEC Top of the Mountain Tour. Here is a photo from that old time:

Yes, after the hamam the attendant wraps you in towels and you sit and relax, replenishing your fluids with a drink (soda water with ayran and a twist of lemon is a favourite for this time). You feel very clean and relaxed, except, it is also a favourite time for Turks to bring out the cigarette. The ultimate in cleanliness, except for the smell of cigarette smoke. Disgusting!

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  1. I remember that hamam! Sadly I didn’t discover the joys of the Turkish bath until my penultimate week in Turkey. It would have been really nice in Adana, where I couldn’t go anywhere without reeking of sweat.

    You’re welcome for that mental image by the way.

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