Hello From Melbourne Airport

It’s 3am here and I have another 6 hours until my flight to Adelaide departs.

Macca’s (the Scottish hamburger chain) is the only place open and I have enjoyed a coffee from there to keep me awake. I would have preferred a Turkish or Arabic coffee but I came to Australia to experience new things 🙂

I’m wide-eyed from a combination of extreme tiredness and awe at the fact I’m in Australia. It feels weird.

The Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai briefly stopped in Singapore. The flight from Singapore was somewhat turbulent although the food was excellent and the company, in Sharee the Egyptian-Australian and Chris the Welsh backpacker, was enjoyable.

I’m now looking forward to meeting my family in Adelaide, particularly Breandan my 5 year old nephew and Eilish my 7 year old niece. However, I still have a long wait and 5th flight to catch before this occurs.

3 thoughts on “Hello From Melbourne Airport

  1. Hey Joe

    how long are you in Oz for? I get in on the 21st of February. Maybe we can catch up while you are home! Let me know hayleybarich(at)hotmail.com


  2. Are you still at the airport? Possibly stuck in the arrivals lounge in Adelaide at the what I’ve heard is one of the worst terminals in the world.

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