An Adelaide Wireless Post

G’day from a Rundle Street Cafe where I am using wireless internet on my new laptop for the first time. I received my new baby Saturday when I returned from a trip visiting relatives in Thevenard, Port Lincoln and Clare.

Yesterday I gave a presentation on Turkey to the local Turkish Association.

I promise to write much more and upload pictures from Dubai, Muscat and Australia at some stage in the future. It probably won’t occur until I return to Turkey as I have a pretty full schedule until then.

5 thoughts on “An Adelaide Wireless Post

  1. Dragos,
    I hope you don’t have to wait too long for my in-depth posts. In 4 days I’ll be back in Mersin.

    I introduced the speech in Turkish but as there were a number of folks in the crowd, including my parents, who did not know Turkish, I stayed largely in English.

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