Hi From Bologna!

I am writing from the home of spaghetti bolognaise. Unfortunately I won’t get around to eating any. Yesterday I met cousin Graeme at the train station. He is travelling with me (but not attending the concerts) for the rest of the tour.

Last night’s Pearl Jam concert was very intense and hot in the crowd. I again was second row general admission on the right (Stone’s) side. It was so hot and sweaty all my clothes, including my jocks, was saturated. When I tried to take my t-shirt off after the concert it was stuck so hard to me that I ended ripping it in the process!

After the concert a Finnish guy and I couldn’t find the correct bus stop to our accommodation out of town. A bus driver going on the same route but in the opposite direction especially drove us to our destination after his shift had finished (at around 1 am in the morning). What a legend!

That is all for now. I hope to upload some more photos (I have some brilliant Bologna concert shots) when I get to Verona.

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