Kizkalesi Thursday

The weather has been very hot recently. Thursday morning Hamdullah, Zeyni, Izzet and I caught the bus (5 YTL each way) 70 km west along the coast to Kizkalesi.

With a metre-long pide (bread) at the restaurant

The island castle of Kizkalesi (Maiden’s Castle) provides the backdrop for beachgoers, swimmers, a simit (bread-ring) seller and a dog.

A family on a pedal boat enjoying the late afternoon sun. Korykos, the castle on the land in the background, used to connect with Kizkalesi in ancient times via a causeway.


5 thoughts on “Kizkalesi Thursday

  1. I remember heading down to Kizkalesi practically every weekend when I used to live in Adana. Great fun swimming out to the castle. Of course if I tried it now I’d probably drown.

  2. I’ve always appreciated a handsome face. What’s the status of handsome face in the first picture at the end of the table with his arm over the other guy. Are single guys out of their 30s more plentiful down there, Joe?

  3. Bea,
    I couldn’t tell you what that guy’s status was. I’m pretty sure everybody in that photo is in their late 20s.

    There aren’t too many single guys 35+ here because the cultural/familial expectation to get married. I would say you have a better chance in Istanbul!

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