Manuel’s Birthday Last Weekend

Last Saturday night (the 5th) I was in Adana for Columbian trainee Manuel’s 25th birthday.

It was a good party with the other trainees and friends in attendance. Rifeh was also there after returning to Turkey from Tunisia. The vodka/Kahlua/milk mix I brought was a winner.

Following the party several of us went with Deniz to People Nightclub. Deniz had a business relationship with this club so it was free entry and drinks for us. I stuck to water. I hadn’t let my hair down at a club for aeons so I enjoyed myself until the intense cigarette smoke and tiredness became too much. After the nightclub it was soup at a 24-hour restaurant. The tripe soup (not “iskembe”, but something similar) was growing on me but not fast enough to finish the bowl. In bed by 6, just as the sky was lightening.

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