Olympics and other stuff


As most people on earth probably know, the Olympic games will begin in Greece this weekend. I am not overly enthusiastic towards the games and am happy I’m in a country where I can ignore most of the hype. An interesting fact is ‘as the crow flies‘ Mersin is closer to Athens than Adelaide is to Sydney, the 2000 games venue. This is despite the fact Adelaide and Sydney are both in same country.

I (hopefully) will be in Iran for last part of the Olympics. I am curious as to how the coverage will be in Iran. I don’t expect to be able to watch the female synchronised swimming on TV!

More Weddings

As well as the Olympics, this weekend will also host Devrim (in English: Revolution) and Efkan’s wedding. Although Devrim and Efkan live in Mersin and Efkan’s family come from Tarsus, the wedding will be in Canakkale, where Devrim’s family lives. I was invited but it is a 20 hour bus ride to Canakkale from Mersin and I cannot take the time off work then.

The weekend before last was Hanifi amca and Medine teyze’s son, Hakan’s wedding. This one was in Milas, Bodrum, where his wife is from. Hakan is manages a hotel in Bodrum. I received a small wedding arrangement from the day. The arrangement contains candied almonds, like those my parents had in their wedding.

Another Train Accident

Another fatal train accident in northwestern Turkey.

It is Summer so the Ants are About

The office, Huseyin abi’s shop and even my 6th-storey flat have had running around inside. So far in all cases they are manageable and not a real hassle.

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