Photos From Today’s Picnic In the Mountains

Today, the company held a picnic at Aslankoy (near Gozne) in the mountains north of Mersin. We were hoping for a picnic in the snow but the only snow we saw consisted of small patches on the side of the road.

Serkan and Bulent (Nesibe’s husband) tend the onions, sausages and lamb chops. The lamb chops in Turkey are flattened with a mallet, as opposed to those in Australia which generally are not.

Natraj applying to work for Coca-Cola

Serkan and the sheep

I’m featuring a few photos of Serkan as he will leave work in a few weeks to do his military service. Serkan has worked for IES for many years (6 or 7 I believe) and has been a great friend and colleague.

Natraj, Buket, Serkan (holding lamb) and myself

The other picnic attendants walking along the road with Serkan doing his best John Travolta impersonation

All signs point to Joe.

2 thoughts on “Photos From Today’s Picnic In the Mountains

  1. oh my goodness!look at the first picture, Turkish BBQ(mangal yani:)

    i really missed mangal yaaaa!!!


    raki, balik, mangalda etler, biber de olcak ama:)

    and for sure, koko(kokorec), midye tava, tantuni, adana, iskender, acili lahmacun, midye dolma etc….


  2. I’ve had enough Turkish food!

    Give me Chinese, Indian, Thai, roast pork, potato and bacon soup, a real barbecue, iced coffee, Aussie wine, fish and chips, good pizza….


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