Sadly, the Basil has to go

More than two months ago, my neighbour, Hanifi Amca gave my friend Alicia 3 basil cuttings from the pot plant on the apartment block roof. The cuttings were placed in a jar of water and left it in the kitchen. After a while the basil began growing. I replaced the water every few days. The basil continued growing, creating roots and new shoots. The cuttings became rootbound and I changed the basil to a larger jar. Near the beginning of winter I started using the basil leaves in my cooking. As winter started I placed the jar on the floor near the balcony door where the basil would receive the most exposure. The plants continued to thrive – just from the water and the sun. That was until a few weeks ago – the roots became darker, the leaf tips lightened and the growth seemed to stop. The basil is in a sad state now and I will put it out of its misery very soon.

I am amazed the basil lasted so long!

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