Speaking of culinary matters…

Taner, the university student son of my neighbours has arrived back in Mersin for the holidays.

On Monday night I ate dinner with Taner and his family. Along with the fantastic moussaka-style eggplant with mince and tomato sauce was a form of pickled broccoli. I had never eaten broccoli like this. Taner (who turned 22 yesterday – happy birthday!!!) also had not eaten broccoli in this style. In fact, this was his first time EVER eating broccoli!

Broccoli was also new for his family and they asked me if I had eaten it before and how it could be cooked. They even wanted me to cook some for them. I plan to do so after the holiday coming up. Broccoli is not uncommon in Mersin and I was amazed Taner had not eaten it before.

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