Stuff It – I’m Fasting Today!

This morning I woke up and decided, ‘stuff it – I’m fasting today!’ I don’t know if it was because of:

*The midnight snacks I ate last night

*The discipline gained by fasting

*The moral support I would give to and gain from the other fasting workers (on Saturday and Monday I was the only worker not fasting)

*The challenge of not eating or drinking anything during fasting hours; or

*All or none of the above

Whatever the reason, today I’m fasting. It is quarter to eight in the morning and my throat is already burning from the lack of water. The first day is always the hardest. After today fasting should be a piece of cake šŸ˜‰

There are almost 3 weeks of Ramazan (Ramadan) left. The last day of fasting is 13 November. Can I last the remainder of today, let alone the remainder of Ramazan? Let’s see…

UPDATE [6.35 pm]: The sun set more than 20 minutes ago and I have just drunk my first glass of water – I made it!

Making it through the daylight hours without eating or drinking was actually quite easy. I did feel some small pains in my throat, head and eyes, but nothing too bad. During the afternoon the smell of food cooking entered the office a number of times – I wasn’t tempted. On the odd occasion I did reach for where I usually have my glass of water, only this time there was no glass or water.

It was good to have finally followed the fasting tradition for the first time in my fourth Ramazan in Turkey but I do not see much point of it as a non-believer. The discipline was good, however the overwhelming feeling was of inconvenience – fasting getting in the way of food and drink!

I don’t think I will do it tomorrow or the following days, although one never knows.

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