The freeloader at my place

For at least the past week, I have had an uninvited guest. He did not notify me he was coming beforehand, nor did he knock on the door. Having said that, he has been very quiet and virtually maintanance-free, although I have had to be more careful when hanging out the washing. Almost lifeless, I have sometimes worried about his future and what is he to do with it. Some are very fortunate, not him. Then, life could be worse – he could be on the street or crushed alive long ago by a vehicle. I am not sure what I should do – leave him be, report him to the authorities or put him out of any worries he may have. I have chosen the first option of the three.

The Grasshopper

The week before last I saw this 5-6 cm grey (or gray, for the illiterate), camouflage-like grasshopper clinging to the top of a hand towel drying on my balcony’ washing line. For days he stayed there, hardly moving. I picked in the rest of the laundry, however I left his home, the hand towel, still hanging. After another washing load was dry I decided to finally pick in the towel and banish the grasshopper from the line. I thought I had seen the end…then later I notice him wearing my clothes on the bed – out again he was compulsorally placed. I did not want to harm him but I also did not want him checking out my wardrobe.

After a day or two of nonexistance I again believed he had vanished and was banished. Lo and behold, 2 days ago he turns up again. This time he is clinging onto a peg. Today, when hanging further load of washing, I deliberately did not modify his peg for, as long he likes, the grasshopper can stay.

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