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In a few weeks time I will travel around Iran for 2 weeks. I am very much looking forward to the trip, particularly since it will be 11 months since I last left Turkey. 11 months! That is crazy and I would go crazy if I had to spend the next 11 months in the same country. To compliment this upcoming trip I have added a few Iran weblinks to the right-hand column below the archive section.

Move On!

Yes, it is time for both John Howard and George W Bush to move on. My favourite band, Pearl Jam, have joined a heap of other bands for a series of concerts in American swing states with the end aim of getting Bush out of office. Should be a great tour for those who can go. I hope it their goal is met.

Bomb Update

Previously, I was doubtful that a bomb had gone off. After looking at a few local Mersin news websites (all in Turkish) I can say that the bombing did occur.

Here is a story with a small picture.

-On this page there a couple of stories on the bombing as well as the Atas fire and a UFO. There is also a large photo of the bomb sight.

-In this bombing article KONGRA-GEL (former PKK) are mentioned. I don’t know the circumstances as my Turkish is not enough.

In other local news

*As mentioned above, a UFO has appeared on the Mersin scene.

*An update on the Turkish truck driver hostages released in Iraq. In response to the kidnappings, Turkish truck companies will now only operate to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Unfortunately another Turkish truck driver died.

*The weather has remained hot, humid and free of rain for the past 2 months. It has threatened to rain a couple of times but nothing eventuated. Some rain would be good!

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