Website Modifications

I’ve just made a few modifications to the website.

*In two days’ time I’ll have a digital camera. With the convenience of digital I’ll upload many more photos. In anticipation of this, I have removed the ‘Photo Of The Moment’ and replaced it with a smaller photo of myself, helping put a face to the words.

*The blog and website links are better organised. There are now new categories: “Other Australian Expat Blogs” and “Australian Blogs” and I have added new links. Blogs not updated in the past 3 months have a line through them. These lined links still work, though (well they should!).

*To make the blog easier to read I want to restrict the width of the blog posts to 600. However, whatever html I adjust, does not seem to perform the function. Could someone more knowledgeable please look at the page source and suggest something? I would be most grateful.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention I added a “Commerce” category under the website links. If you ever want to buy a poster or anything from you can help me by purchasing via my links.

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