Welcome To Be Champion

This morning I arrived back in Mersin from Istanbul via an overnight Varan Turizm bus ride.

Umut and Beysun’s wedding and the rest of my time in Istanbul was wonderful and I will write more and upload photos later.

Istanbul is preparing for soccer’s European Champions League final to be held this Wednesday (25th). There are many official sponsor signs and advertisements promoting the event.

On the way to the main airport is the following large banner, featuring “Civil Engineer Aziz Yeniay, Mayor of Kucukcekmece” and “Dr. Architect Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality”, each holding the Champions League trophy:

Can anyone please tell me what “Welcome To Be Champion” means? Is it even English? How crazy for such a high profile sign to be incoherent. I guess it is the thought that counts.

4 thoughts on “Welcome To Be Champion

  1. To Joe;
    may be you dont know enough about grammatical and linguistic subjects but they probably want to show their being sideless even a 5 year child could understand it and when ı asked him about he gave me the response:)It is related to your IQ
    To Efe ;
    you are funny ı cant see anything wrong about the sentence it is so simple and also meaningfull at the same time it is high time you started to study semantics:)

  2. “Welcome to the champion-to-be” I guess. Still not very thoughtful. What about the team that lost? Did this mean that they were then NOT welcome?
    “Anonymous” is not a native English speaker, I’m afraid, as his/her use of “sideless”shows!
    Anyway, as Joe says, it’s the thought that counts!

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