When all your Christmases come at once…

This morning Serkan checked the mail at post office (PTT) and brought it to work.

Amongst the usual education brochures and posters were:

a) A birthday card from Annie and David – thank you very much. The card with 2 earthworms looking at a can of spaghetti with the quote “Ooh Look Steve – An Orgy” received many laughs!

b) A Christmas card and Haighs chocolates from Mum and Dad – Cok Tesekur Ederim! I have not touched the chocolates yet and don’t plan to until Christmas….you know what they do with plans…

c) Pearl Jam’s new rarities double CD “Lost Dogs” and double DVD “Live at the Garden” a live concert from Madison Square Garden earlier this year.

I was going to buy them from my local newsagent/bookstore/music retailer, Kitapsan. When I went there the products weren’t there and would come a week later. That is not why I did not buy them from Kitapsan. Foreign music double CDs at Kitapsan normally cost 40 million! From pearljamstore.com, a band-affiliated website based in the US I could buy CD and DVD, including $7 postage and handling, for USD 31.98. This amount is about 46 million TL, only 6 million more than just the CD and about 30% less than both the CD and DVD at my local shop!

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