11 secret until now fruits and nuts

Subtitle: This muesli is ridiculous……….ly good!

Last night I made up a new batch of muesli. This was my 5th or so batch and the concoctions are becoming more and more complex and correspondingly more and more delicious!

The ingredients for my last batch (quantities are approximate):

500 gm rolled oats

A couple of shakes of the cornflakes packet

A handful or two of both sesame seeds and coconut flakes

200 gm sultanas

150 gm currants

125 gm dried apple

125 gm dried pear

200 gm dried fig

200 gm dried apricots

100 gm whole hazelnuts

100 gm pistachios

100 gm peanuts

50 gm whole almonds

100 gm walnuts

To serve: add milk or yoghurt and top with chopped fresh banana.

Unlike KFC, I don’t keep my recipes secret!

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