Been Busy Lately

The lack of recent postings is a reflection of my recent busyness – if that is a word.

The main tasks at work keeping me busy have been:

-Finalising the workshop details and appointment schedule for IES’s Director of Education, Sevil. She arrived in Berlin today for the ICEF Berlin Workshop. On Monday and Tuesday she will meet with many education providers from around the world in the hope of forming partnerships with providers that meet the needs of Turkish students. This is the 4th consecutive ICEF Berlin Workshop IES has attended.

-Filling the Santa Monica College application forms for two studentts, a brother and sister, who are currently already in Los Angeles. Documents were couriered back and forth across the world, academic transcripts were translated, financial statements taken and a whole lot more.

-Searching out sesame seed suppliers from Burkina Faso and other parts of the world. International trade is a risky business and obtaining a good offer is only a fraction of the work. The supplier not having the product, the product differing from the offer and an unreliable supplier are some of the countless risks.

-Completing and uploading the ‘Intervega Marine & Trade’ website: The website is very basic at the moment and is sure to be updated soon.

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